Our Network
«Side by Side»


In support of its Team, SIDE has built up a network of international partners of tried and tested efficiency and trustworthiness, to provide effective responses to all the legal and ancillary needs of your projects.

Legal partners

Corporate law, commercial law and labor law

Privileged partnership with JFA SOUILLAC law firm

International and french tax law

Me Georges-David BENAYOUN – CBA law firm

Intellectual property, particularly music law

Me Charles CUNY – Cabinet Phi law firm

Patent registration and litigation


Family law

Me Florent BERDEAUX-GACOGNE – FBG law firm

Me Delphine BIVONA – BIVONA law firm

Corporate law in France, Croatia and Russia

Me Plamenka KUNA-RENARD – SKILLS Law firm

For needs under US Law, in particular in IP/IT law, estate planning/probate, corporate law,… SIDE works with selected specialists in all states (in particular Massachusetts and California).

Ancillary partners

Wealth and estate management and planning

Privileged partnership with ALLIANZ Expertise et Conseil (Mrs. Eva ROSIER)


Chartered accountants, particularly in media, film making and broadcasting

Chartered accountants AGCJ (Mrs. Nathalie AULNETTE)

Bailiff specialized in counterfeit seizures and descriptions

Olivier JOURDAIN et Gérard SUISSA

Notarial services, particularly authors’ estates

PYRAMIDES notarial office (Me Pierre Alain GUILBERT)

Apparisal and aunction sale of art work, particularly major works