Fees &

Three billing options

1. Services by the hour: No bad surprises!

SIDE’s services are billed 300 euros HT / hour.

A retainer is requested upon signature of our Legal Service Agreement. The retainer amount varies from case to case and is fixed in common agreement between you and SIDE.

Each month, or upon demand at any time, SIDE will send you a statement showing all services rendered, their cost, any possible third party expenses as well as all payments you have already made.

When your account shows a negative balance or a low positive balance, a new payment will be requested.

Bills are established every month and payable upon reception.

2. Annual subscriptions: control your finances!

SIDE offers several service subscriptions.

Subscriptions are e.g:

2 Hours of services/month (= 24 hours/year)
= 510 euros HT/month (= 6120 euros HT/year)

3 Hours of services/month (= 36 hours/year)
= 765 euros HT/month (= 9600 euros HT/year)

All subscriptions rely on a 12 months commitment.
You get a 15% discount on our regular hourly rate.
Any time left at the end of each month rolls down to the next one as much as you like until the end your subscription.

3. Flat fee services

In some cases, some specific services take a fixed amount of time and can therefore be priced with a flat fee. See upon estimate.

1st appointment «mapping by side»

approx. 1 hour — 150 euros HT
deductible from later services