Our Clients


SIDE assists clients from France and abroad in developing and defending their activities or projects in France.

Clients in France and in the EU

In France and in the EU, SIDE’s clients are for example:

Producers (Film, TV, Music, Live shows…), script writers, directors, book writers, publishers, medical and scientific societies and authors, composers, designers, photographers, actors, comedians, musicians… for all IP legal requirements.

Companies of all sectors and in particular pharmaceutical laboratories, cosmetic groups, fashion and jewelry companies… to manage and protect their trademarks, designs, and models as well as their image and e-reputation.

Communication & marketing agencies for everyday contracts and advertising campaigns.

Artistic agents for contracts and talents’ rights protection.

Authors’ or Artists’ heirs to help them manage their rights and/or enforce them through litigation.

Public figures to defend their privacy and image.

Auctions houses, appraisers, sculptors, Art collectors for matters related to art sales.

Computer service companies for their daily contracts and data protection matters.

Startups (e.g. in the fields of 3Dprint collaborative economy, good practice sharing, social network associated services, medical care apps…) as well as service providers for Startups, investors…, for everyday contracts, IP protection and data management.

Corporations and individuals of all sectors for the enforcement or defense of their rights and projects in any French litigation related to counterfeit, seizures, unfair competition, denigration, slander, libel, unlawful Internet contents, privacy…

Homeowners for contractor liability and rent recovery…


Clients in the USA, Asia and abroad

Abroad and in particular in the USA & Asia, SIDE’s clients are for example:

Movie or TV producers shooting in France or hiring French actors or dealing with French partners.

Authors, directors, composers, comedians hired by French producers.

Companies extending their trademarks and designs to Europe or France.

E-Commerce stakeholders and Data corporations targeting the French public with personal data (CNIL) or consumer’s rights issues (Terms of Use…).

Startups with French partners or investors.

Designers and creators taking their work to the French market.

Art collectors and buyers of French art pieces or from French sellers.

French Authors’ or Artists’ heirs.